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NAXUTL, Inc. Structural Engineering Solutions.

Refugio M. Rochin, PE

20+ years experience in structural engineering design, detailing, analysis of buildings, retaining walls, bridges for the materials of Reinforced Concrete, Masonry, Steel (Hot-worked and Cold-Formed), Brick, Aluminum, Alloy, Timber, Cementitious Materials.

“I love Engineering for the cultural manifestation of Buildings providing shelter with rendering of structure and form, providing protection and safety for people, and building context for society at large to convene and commerce. I inherited a love of mathematics applied to sciences and the arts for the good of humanity.

Image: Father’s Work in Nariño, Colombia prior to 1970.

“The origin of my work is from my family’s contributions to agricultural development, with the direct opportunities to ‘commerce’ via the Market, and the social constructs of one-to-one communications. Through my first works in youth with Newspaper media, I saw intricacies in patterns of words, and attributed the volatile changes of words to linear space. Subsequently, I accelerated in mathematics, and entered Structural Engineering. As a visually oriented person, I adhere to the design principles, and grant my curious design parameters to paradoxically “ancient” societies.”