Some of the[Q&R] of NAXUTL

by refugio_nxt
  Q: Hi - I'm Yemenese our Country suffers from desertification, thus lack of fertile soils.. so due to lack of water control, and infertile soil, our agricultural growth is stunted; whilstwhile, our animals are hungry, and our humanity is in starvation. We humans are dying at an alarming rate.

As a living people we are being subjected to murderous regimes. Where can we begin in restoring the inhumane situation we are subjected to?

R: Dear Yemeni Daughter

... a thought arises in me, in the knowing of several religions and in cultivating soils based on some principles of "God's Kingdom".

I. First of all, I am proselytizing about inventing a system to introduce cultivated composting products to your people, so that you may enrich your burdened soils.

II. 2nd posture: the plan is to verify that rains can be trapped. Yemen is not the only country to which such devastation has occurred. We really do believe that some bodies of people create more damages to the middle East people than others might. In the West, human beings continue to put machine and commodity ahead of the earth and its creatures that create the ecological balances. -- It might be that "Exodus" {relocation} may be the first remediation process. However, as one who also believes it, humankind destroys one another's faculties through ignorance alone.. I keep up this thought on the 'living mentality'.

III. Soils and sands are infertile, the plain fact of the matter. And Suns have reduced the water, resulting in equatorial barren geography. The goal in mind is infusion of nutrition rich soils with the inoculated species types into the appropriate layers of the geological substrata, and introduce proliferate seed pods that will propagate the water cycle, with growth. Such seed types should be selected based on the inoculate of the present sand beds, which might be seen as aggregated salt clustering, or other reactive matter..

.. Be it Soluble salts, ASR (Alkali-Silica type reactions)... etc -- the salts may or may not require some electric currents to propagate reactions in the anodic-cathodic streams.